The Best Place To Store Your Favourite Places

 The Best Place To Store Your Favourite PlacesThere are places which I want to store somehow. Like great playground where I can go with my children. Or interesting viewpoint I would like to come again. Or, even, places to visit during big vacation travel.

Some of them I found myself (minority, to be honest), some of them are found by my wife (majority). She send me them per e-mail.

Recently I discovered that it becomes hard to find these “favourites”. They all are ... somewhere.  In e-mails, in google maps history,  in Here Map favourites. So I need better way to store all these places.

My requirements are:
  •     One must be able to give a name to a place
  •     Places must be available offline
  •     Places must not be locked inside given navigation application
  •     Places must be searchable
Obviously, neither here maps favourites nor google maps “saved places”, nor  waze places match all requirements.

The best way to solve my issue I found - save these places as contacts, in a special group.

Simple like that. But! Works offline, I can name them I can choose which app to use for navigation. And, definitely, I can search for a contact. All 4 criteria passed. And I do not need an extra app for this.

Moreover, google maps shows contacts with filled address on the map. At least on Android. This is a nice bonus.

So, I select usual “contacts” to store places.

If you have found better way to store and manage places - leave a comment.
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