The 1 Reason You Should Install Allo

Today is the first day I was able to download new google messaging app called Allo. After installing and confirming my phone number I was surprised.


List of people who already has allo installed was not empty. There were people from different countries there, but what much more interesting - in the list I found people I would never call geeks. But, nevertheless, they already have all installed. This dramatically differs from Duo. In Duo contact list I found only one name for days (then I unistalled Duo myself).
So, people, real people have it installed on the very first day - interesting!

The reason

But this is not the reason to install All. The real reason is - google assistant - it is so funny!

Google assistant is a chat boot which somehow like google now. What I like - you can chat with it, you do not have to loudly talk with it. This is right move.
But this is still not the thing. The thing is - its is funny. I guess I said already.
Anyway, following chat did my day today. Hope you like it too!

Google Assistant/Allo is funny

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