Do I Sleep Enough?

Recently I decided to set up a new goal which is relevant to my health - sleep at least 7 hours per night.
The first app (obviously one need an app :) ) to go was Google Fit.

On the one hand, Google recently added customizable goals in the app (see more in article), On the other, this app already tracks my sleeping statistic (imported from my mi band - see more about my experience here in post "2 Reasons to Keep your Fitness Data in Google Fit").

I found a lot of different goals one can set in Fit, really a lot. Including “others”, the only one I have not found was - sleeping.
Definitely, sleeping is not a fitness activity. But this is an activity which directly influences your health and which is already collected and processed by Fit.
I really hope that google will add goals for sleeping in google fit. Soon or later. Soon is better.

Then I tried other apps, but this will be another story.

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