Teclast X16 Plus

Few weeks ago I purchased a tablet. My first tablet ever. On AliExpress.
The tablet is  Teclast X16 Plus. Cheap Android Tablet with Intel CPU, Android 5.1.

The tablet is used for minecrafting, occasional sofa-browsing, mail reading and writing and RSS reading, movie and cartoon watching (especially travelling).

So far teclast works fine and solves mentioned tasks successfully.
Meanwhile sound quality is questionable, moreover I hear noise in my headset when WiFi data transfer is active.
And definitely you cannot expect anything from 2MP cameras.
I also believe there is no GPS there, but I do not need it.

For my use cases mentioned issues are not issues at all.

There was also  one "issue" with USB cable. This story I described in another post - "Syncwire microUSB cables"

For the money I payed for the tables I'm very satisfied.
Some unboxing photos

If you have any question about Teclast X16 Plus - leave a comment below.

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