Location History: Walking/Driving and even Flying

Today I played a with my location history in google maps for android (I have a feeling that earlier it was not available in google maps for android).

I'm impressed. It shows me places where I visited for every single day. Does not matter if I used google maps (or any other map/navigation apps) or not. It knows and recognized plane flights for me very reasonable (phone was in flight mode, and therefore, theoretically all connectivity functions must be OFF).

Meanwhile, I have to say that location history often mixes up walking/cycling/driving (especially when you drive in low speed areas) and driving/public transport - what is really  not that easy to distinguish.

Google I did not spent 30 minutes to cover 800 meters between my office and parking last Friday - 10 min is an absolute maximum.

Nevertheless, overall quality is great (keeping in mind that local history works in passive mode and does not forces GPS).

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