Syncwire microUSB cables

Recently I purchased a tablet. MicroUSB cable I got with it was OK, but very short. Probably 20 cm. I used another one which I use to charge my smartphone and found that with turned off display charging speed is about 1% per hour (or even less), with active display charging seep is negative.

That means I had to go shopping again. Well, virtually - buying a cable is not a task I'm ready invest time to.
So, I found in the internet, ordered it and here is a very short photo-review:
The cable is from Syncwire (SW_MC001). Actually, this is 2 cable pack.
The package looks very good:

 Cables also looks very solid:

And now the most important part - charging. Ampere shows ~700mA: 

This 700mA charges my tablet very fast - exactly what I needed.
The problem is solved now

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