2 Reasons to Keep your Fitness Data in Google Fit

Some time ago I wrote post "Google Fit and multiple fitness data sources". There I said that googe fit was  kind of disappointing tool.
This is still true for me, reports it provides are not good too.

But, I see 2 good reasons to synchronize my fitness data with google fit. And they are:
  1. I believe google fit will keep my data during long time. I cannot say the same about mi app.  So, “long reliable data storing”. Definitely, Google killed a lot of products, but I believe fitness and health data will be extremely important in the futures. So, I would be very surprised in google decided to leave this market.   
  2. Second reason - you can download all your google fit data using google takeout. You can download detailed data or daily summaries - single file per day. For overview I would suggest to use file named “Daily Summaries.csv”. It contains aggregated data - one line per day, in simple CSV (comma separated values). Having this data offline one can build any graph or report or analyses he/she ever want to see. And this is really cool. Now you can not just count steps, but also do some workout for your brain analyzing this data. If you want to.

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