MiFit social features: how they do work

I’m a mi band user for a year. Mostly a year. But never used it’s social features so far.
Recently I asked few people I know to add me to friends.
I never used social features in fitness applications, meanwhile I had some expectations.

What did I expect? Not that much - I expected that MiFit would compare my daily results  with my friends’ results, and saying results I mostly mean  steps.

What did I learned? MiFit shows me friends data but in different view, 2 taps away from my results - hard to compare.
Additionally, MiFit shows me when my friends went to bed and woke up, their weight, and definitely their steps. You can also send your friend a “Nudge” anytime, his/her band will vibrate.
This is too personal and has nothing to do with social fitness.

So, I exited from MiFit social features. Just day after I entered.

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