ES File Explorer -> Total Commander

I used to use ES File Explorer for years (for instance see article "Copy data from Android to PC"). User interface is nice, all features I needed are there. Actually much more features  than I needed.

Cover artBut some time ago I noticed that I start finding more and more features which has nothing to do with my files. I installed an app and found a notification from es file explorer. I uninstalled an app - pop up from es file explorer. Moreover, it’s home screen was more and more about features and even ads not related to file operations.
Then I read story about adware they placed on lock screen during charging. And this was a trigger. I uninstalled es file explorer and replaced it with total commander (many know this name as a file manager for windows).

Yes, user interface of total commander is not that great. Moreover, to work with my shares I have on my home NAS I had to install a plugin.
But, it works, works well, without pushing ads and does not look overloaded with irrelevant functionality.

Today I read that developers removed adware lockscreen from ES File Explorer
This is definitely good move, but I stay with total commander - works well, no ads, no irrelevant features.

So, Total Commander is my android file manager now.

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