Synology as Dropbox client

My major DropBox use case is sending photos and videos to my relatives. Actually, this is 99.9% of my dropbox usage for recent year(s). Rather often, especially after a vacation or other trips amount of data to be sent is rather big.  Uploading all these files to Dropbox takes hours, therefore I have to keep my laptop turned on overnight. I do not like this.

Last weekend, I got an idea - I have Synology NAS. It works 24/7, why it cannot do this work?
I own synology NAS for long time already, but this idea came to my mind just now -well, better later than never. It was 5 minutes task to install and configure package called “Cloud Sync” to work with my DropBox. Now the only what I must do - copy files to my NAS and I can turn my laptop off. I even do not need Dropbox client being installed locally.

Actually, Synology can work as Dropbox server alternative. Works better - faster and without storage limits. So, someone can replace Dropbox completely. But for me this was not an option - since people I share files with use Dropbox for other tasks and I do not want to force them install second tool.

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