Android 6, Adoptable Storage: what does this really mean for you

Now I have Android 6 on my phone. Android 6 has Adoptable storage feature. After OS update I got a suggestion to reformat my SD card to be used as internal storage.

BTW, when your SD card is formatted usual way, as removable card, you cannot move application to SD card. I’m absolutely sure that this was possible in android 5.
Anyway, what one can expect from adaptive storage?

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  1. hi, based on your blog above, would you recommend changing external storage to be treated as internal.

    I have HTC ONE M8 with 16 GB internal and 64 GB card. I get message everyday that my internal storage is full and I am sick of moving apps to SD card.

    I have 32 GB space on my phone. So if I do this will I still get same messages?


  2. I also have 16Gb of phone storage - not that much.
    Nevertheless I'm back to "old" mode - the mode when my sd card is assumed to be an "external" storage.

    Actually, my biggest storage eaters can be configured to store data on external sd card, what solves the problem for me.

    When you convert your sd card to "adoptable storage" mode you will be able to move application to sd card. Wizard suggested me to move my photos and videos to sd card as well, but moto g camera can be always configured this way.
    Theoretically, these steps should help you.
    Alternatively, just check what app/data eats your storage (android 6 shows this rather good way) - and check if you can move this data to sd card in app configuration.

  3. Thanks for the reply but I was wondering if I convert SD card into extended storage will I still get message saying that storage is full.

    Currently I am not able to install new apps as there is no space on my phone. Will I still get the message?

    Will it all be one storage?


  4. It still will be 2 storages, still. Meanwhile you can move installed apps to sd card. This should help you with "no space on the phone" problem.

  5. This doesnt work on Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603) with 6.0.1 .

    There is no option to format sd-card as internal.

    F**k you SONY !!!

  6. Im using Android-6(Marsmallow).
    Im using external disc as Portable Disc.
    In Android-5(Lollipop) I could move app-data to external disc.
    In Android-6, Setup;Storage shows the Portable disc size
    but Setup;Apps is not showing the possibility to move data to external disc.
    Is that normal in Android-6 or does it need configuration ?