Picasa is oficially dead. Where to go?

PicasaGoogle did not updated Picasa for 3 years. It was clean that they discontinue this application. Today google did this officially.
My family photo and video archive is organized with Picasa. So, time to migrate came. The problem is - I cannot find good alternative.
The features I do use are:

  1. Show photos (cr2, nef, jpg) and videos (mov, mp4). Ok, recently I converted all movs to mp4, so mov is not that important
  2. Mark photos and videos with a "star"
  3. Show only starred items, only photos only videos.
  4. Export selected items, with re-sizing for photos.
  5. Virtual albums is a plus
Actually, that's it. No, one more - long term support - I mean the application should be popular enough to be reliable.

Very short list of very usual requirements.
The only candidates are found are:
  • Adobe Lightroom -  overkill for my tasks (as result interface looks too complicated)
  • XnView MP - looks promising, but there are 2 issues:
    • I did not find how to import metadata (starts) from Picasa to XnView MP
    • Not sure that it matches "long term reliability" requirement

So, research process is still ongoing.

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