Moto G 2015, android 6: first day

A week ago my wife's moto got Android M update. Finally, today it came to my phone as well.
New features of 6th android are described in many places, and it makes not that much sense to repeat this information.
Therefore I will describe some my personal experience only.

After the update my moto asked me how I want to use my sd card - as removable or as internal memory extension. Actually, I want to try the second option, but as far as I understood this means sd card formatting, prefer to do this later. So far I selected "as removable storage".

Earlier my sd card was mapped as "/storage/sdcard1" or something like this, but now it is called "/storage/CE8D-1C12".
Does this really matter?

Well, at least 2 apps I use were configured to store data to sd card. They both failed to find configured path now.

This is not a big deal, but something good to know.

Check "moto g" tag for more articles - they will come.

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