Windows 10 is good.

Short before new year I finally found some time and updated my windows laptop from windows 7 to windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 LogoYes, I've seen all these negative post and comments about windows 10.

During the update I turned off all "bla-bla-bla. For this we will send data to Microsoft" options.

I find new interface fresh and modern from one side, but not dramatically different comparing with windows 7 from another. I have no issues to start using new interface. Meanwhile. I cannot say the same about windows 8.

May be this is just a personal impression, but new user interface rather often looks too similar to KDE plasma 5.

Since I mentioned linux, I would say that windows 10 ux is better than unity, default environment in ubuntu.

So far my Windows 10 todo list includes:
  1. check if there are some reasonable post install tuning
  2. check if built-in backup is finally good enough, so I can use it instead of 3th party tool
  3. check if built-in antivirus is good enough, so I can use it instead of avast I currently have

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