Family video archive: MOV to MP4

As many of you I do have family photo and video archive on my computer. There are several issues with it, but today I'm writing about the size.
The issue is: the archive is very big. Yes, these days space is cheap. But it is still limited.

My laptop has 500GB storage and is currently out of space since about 400GB are used by my family archive. I often shoot RAWs and these photos are big, but so far I'm not ready to give it up.
Another thing I found is I have a lot of videos is stored in MOV files. Saying a lot here I means 76 GB.
I converted few of them to mp4 and found that mp4 is much smaller.
Then I converted all MOV files to MP4 and saved mostly 60 GB with this.
Actually I can double this number, because I do same saving for my backup storage. And if you use cloud backup this could be bring you some real money saving.
Moreover, now I can uninstal quicktime player since do not need it anymore.

Definitely this is not an ultimate solution in a really long term perspective. In the end I have to update storage or move part of the archive to the NAS.

first, probably, I can postpone this till laptop upgrade or next regular disk upgrade.
and second, even then having videos in MP4 saves noticeable spaces.

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