Mi Band: 6 months later

    Just discovered that I use my MI Band during 6 months already. Or a half of a year.
    This is rather long time. Here is a short summary about the band.
    • I wear the band absolutely 24/7, it works fine and looks mostly as it was first day.
    • I use notification feature, my phone is usually in silent mode now.
    • Unfortunately, the app often loses connection with the band and I have to turn OFF/ON bluetooth, I have a feeling that this changes from one firmware to another.
    • Application is not very feature rich, but for me it fine
    • I use smart alarm on daily basis (my phone spends nights in another room; actually alarm was a main reason to by mi band for me.
    • I usually do not check my steps statistic - in usual day cycle the number is more or less the same, but it was very interesting to check steps during vacation
    • On the other hand I do check my sleep monitoring statistic

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