Tasks sorting in Outlook. Really?

You know Outlook is a powerful tool. Very powerful. I, as many other people use it in the office every day. Actually, much more often than every day.
I use outlook for tasks as well. Once I wanted to configure tasks view most productive way:
first, tasks with due date sorted by date;  then tasks without due date. I see this sorting option number 1. I would even say, it must be default sorting option.

But what I discovered was:
when I sorted by date “ascending”, I saw tasks without "due date" (due date “none”), and then with due date (sorted correctly). But, tasks  without "due date" must go after, tasks with "due date".

Meanwhile, when I sorted by date “descending”, tasks without due date went to the end - what is fine, but tasks with due date were sorted wrong.

Any ideas how one can configure proper tasks sorting?

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  1. This workaround is good: Have tasks with due dates also set reminders:
    File>Options>Tasks>check "Set reminders on tasks with due dates"
    Then sort your task list by Remiders then Due Date.
    Note that you might have to select Show Available Fields to All Task Fields, in order to expose Reminder as a sort field choice.
    There is a shortfall. If you add a due date to an existing task, it will set the reminder. But if you remove a due date, you'll have to manually remove the reminder date. Otherwise it works brilliantly.