Mi Band: lost connectivity after firmware update

miband-cannot-connect.JPGAfter recent firmware update connectivity between my smartphone and mi band was lost.Well, it worked for short time after I restarted bluetooth, but lost afterwards.

For steps counting and alarm clock functionality this is not a big deal. But I configured mi band to vibrate for important notifications and rather quickly found that this is useful feature.
When connection lost notifications obviously this does not work.

Un-pair/re-pair band with a phone did not help me here.
But, restarting of smartphone - did.
I do not why, but I do not care - now it works again.

So, if you discover connectivity problems after mi band firmware update, phone restart could be a solution.

Or, probably, you can just update your old mi band to the new one?


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_NjRaL7trk
    This will fix it

    1. Thanks, great hint!
      Meanwhile, after recent Mi Band update the problem gone. So far.
      For me mi band is the best fitness tracker, even when it is rather old gadget already: http://useitsmart.com/best-budget-fitness-tracker-2017