Moto G 2015. Where is my LED and Moto Display

Now I have Moto G 2015 in my pocket. Generally, I like the phone. But there are two things that could be much better.

1.  There is no LED indicator! 

Instead Motorola gives you Moto Display and says that it shows you important notifications when you need it and does not show them when the phone is in my pocket or is placed face down.

Yes, it shows me notification when I need them! Magic! This is all what user should know.

Meanwhile, actually it shows notifications if phone is moved, for instance you take in in your hands. Not bad, but  this is not when I need to see them!

With Nexus 4 I used to have phone on the table and it was enough to briefly look at it to see if there are notifications. And this is what I do need, and what Moto Display cannot do.

I have to say LED notifications are much more useful.

2. Charger.
In one video review I have seen that moto g comes with nice 2 charger with 2 USB slots, so one can charge 2 devices with it. I was impressed

When I opened my moto g box, I was surprised - there were no charger. At all. Phone, USB-microUSB cable, some papers. Nothing else.

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