Google now, you've caught me. Mostly

I joked a lot about how stupid google now is. How it reported parking when I use train.
How it understands hotel reservation I did and does not understand cancellation I did afterwards. How I read amazon shipment mail faster that Now does and so on.

But today it surprised me with a single usual card: “23 minutes to Schwimmbad” (“Schwimmbad” is a swimming pool in German)

What is so special in this card? Well, just following:
I do not have a calendar entry called “Schwimmbad”
I do not have place called “Schwimmbad” configured in google now
I drive to swimming pool every Monday, but used google maps just once or twice for this

So, it looks like google now discovered that every Monday I drive to the same place and this place is a swimming pool. If this is really the case - good work, google now! 

But wait! it did not discover that I always visit home first and only then go to swimming pool. So, directions hits it showed me (office -> swimming pool) are still not relevant.
Sorry, Now, but you are still way too stupid to be my personal assistant! :)

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