Mi Band: 10 things I learned after about a month of usage

The day when I opened small box with mi band was nearly 1 month ago.
What did I learned during this time? Let me try to list:
  1. I’m not sure that will be able to charge the band. During this time I’ve never changed it, so I’m not sure that remember how to do this.
  2. During this month mi band with me 24/7 - works fine
  3. mi band was with with me in dushe - no problems so far. nevertheless, official site does not recommend bring it in the swimpool
  4. I do not need to keep my phone near with my bed; band’s alarm wakes me up.
  5. mi band is the very first reason to use bluetooth on my phone for me
  6. mi band belive I run few minutes every day; this is nice, but not true.
  7. when I really do run mi band accuracy is acceptable. but several times it failed completely
  8. google git synchronization does not work for me, I do not know why?
  9. I cannot wear band on my right wrist, but can on the left together with my watch.
  10. And last, looks like I like really this band.

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