google fit. does it fit?

About a month I use google fit to track my activities. On my nexus,
without any wearable.
Fundamentally it works fine, and accuracy is more or less ok. I never seen fit being responsible for more than 1% of battery usage.
Actually, it usually is not visible in the batter eaters list at all.
Normally. it detects my activities (walking, running, biking) rather
correct as well.
It also log places where activities happened what is interesting sometimes.
And I like the idea, you switch it on and that's it - fit detects everything itself, including activity type - very right approach!

But I still do not understand it UI and logic:
  • You can track your weight, but this is done completely different way than you track your activities.
  • You can see activities graphs, but sometimes graph says "no activity" for given date, but history say there is an activity.
  • Way to weight history graph is completely different than for activities, so every time I guess and try to find it.
  • Statistic it gives me is also questionable: fit says average burned calories number is 8322. Meanwhile maximum value per day is 2500. And this does not match.
  • You can manually add activity, but you cannot manually start one (like now start running, track it)
  • When you correct activity type for instance from "running" to "walking", fit says "saved", but you see no changes. It is changed later on, but instead of "walking" it becomes something unnamed.

As result I have problems using google fit on my mobile and in the web
where they UI is very close to mobile and very usual for web.

Something is wrong here, hopefully google can fix this.

What I did not try: how fit works without any internet access for a
long time (for short time it was ok).

PS: google fit calculated walked distance completely wrong, until I
entered my weight and height. So, you have to share this information
with google as well.

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