Type Mail: what about privacy?

I already wrote that type mail is my mail app on smartphone. It still works for me better than any other, including gmail native app. Meanwhile, the privacy question was unclear for me. Type Mail is not just an app, it is a web service as well (this is not very obvious, but it is so).
Once I decided to clarify the privacy question a bit and asked them a simple question: do my mails go via Type Mail servers?
I expected a simple answer either "yes" or "no". Rather reasonable expectation, right.
The answer I got (very fast, btw) contained their "principles". After short ping pong discussion I got following clarification:

We are very very clear. “When using push notifications, our servers notify your client which directly fetches the mails from your mail provider.”
If you enable push, you receive them from our servers to preserve battery, like Blackberry email service. If you are not interested in instant push, simply change the configuration to Fetch.

To be honest, I do not see this as a "very very" clear answer, but I understand it following way: if you use push notifications, your mails go via TypeMail servers. And this is sad news for me.
The good news I got from this discussion is another statement (one of the principles): "TypeMail does not store your emails on our servers in comparison to other solutions."

Just be aware and decide if this good enough for you or not.

BTW, I'm not the first one who rise this question: Why I Stopped Using Blue Mail (Type Mail)

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