Parkpocket (app to find a parking): mini review

When you travel with a car you are usually interested in a parking. Ideally free, but cheap and well located is also an option.

Recently I was travelling exactly this way and used Parkpocket to find a parking. I entered name of the city and parking duration - 4 hours. Parkpocket showed me parkings with prices on the map. I selected one I found ok and drove there.
Good things first:
  • there was a parking in that  place
  • price for 1 hour was correct
Now not os good things:
  • Parkpocket calculated price for 4 hours as price per hour multiplied to 4, meanwhile at this parking real pricing was not linear (1 hour - 1 Euro, 2 hours - 2.5 Euro)
  • between 20:00 and 8:00 the parting is  free, Parkpocket ignores this calculation price for 1 day.
  • and, last and the worst: parking time there was limited by 2 hours, so actually, one just cannot leave car there for 4 hours

Finally, when I left Parkpocket with "back" button, GPS was still active, when I killed the app - GPS notification gone as well.

So, the summary: well, I'm not sure...

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