Google inbox. Second try

Just read that google has improved it's "inbox" and made it public (before you required an invite).
I decided to give it a second try (you can read about my first try as well).
After a day with new inbox I discovered following things:
  • convert a e-mail into todo task makes sense
  • possibility to create reminder directly in mail application/page fast and easy

  • does not show number of unread mails
  • forces threads view (found no way to switch it off), I hate this view.
  • in  gmail I can create google+ post without leaving gmail page. In inbox - not.
  • labels assigned to mails are not shown
  • date and time of the mail is not shown (sometimes I search mails just scrolling the list and checking date + sender)
  • impossible to delete mail directly from notification
  • fundamentally, I have to do more action to delete a mail that I would like to.

In the end of the day I gave up and switch back to gmail in web and type mail for mobile.
Sorry, google, may be next time.

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  1. a day or two after I wrote this post, possibility to create google+ post was removed from gmail as well.