How to replace defect netgear router

Some time ago I wrote a post about my home router replacement. Unfortunately I can write the second post just very few months after the first one about this.
After month or two using new Netgear router I discovered that it reported more "attached devices" that I expected. The strange thing was that it listed one of my smart phones several times: one with correct IP, and several times more with strange IPs in 10.x.x.x networks. But same mac address in all the cases.

I contacted Netgear support. It was rather long discussion (in their ticket system).
But to keep long story shot: first, they suggested me to reboot my router (surprise, I tried this before opening  ticket), then to upgrade firmware (I had the newest), then to downgrade firmware, afterwards the declared an issue as a hardware problem and opened an RMA case for this.

So far, so good. Now we step in into a main topic of this article.
Netgear declared that their unit is defect and they are ready to replace it. BUT, I must first send them the unit, pay for shipment, and then wait when they send a replacement (I did not found any official time limits).
Nice for a  key network infrastructure, right?
I found this way wrong. Moreover, I was not that sure that this was really a hardware issue, what means new unit they send me could show the same issue.
Therefore I contacted Amazon (I purchased the router there)- Amazon said that they cannot replace the unit, but can return me money and they cover shipment fee.
I ordered another router, again on Amazon, installed it and afterwards shipped Netgear back.
0 downtime. 0 extra fees.
Amazon does it  right (and therefore Amazon logo is here), Netgear does  it  wrong.

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