Automate it! Case 2

I already wrote that I like to automate tasks. I tried to use NFC tags in this scope, and failed. I have automated one task on my smart phone with llama, but that was it. Just one trivial automation. In other cases, either the task could not be automated or it made no sense.

And now I found the second thing to automate!
This is it: Usually my smartphone acts as watch during the night. When it does, it must be silent during the time I'm sleeping.

The tricky thing here is defining events. They are:
  1. I'm at home and going to bed and put my smarphone to the charger and
  2. I'm up again and do it is ok to make noice.
Actually, to be more correct the second rule event is: either I'm up and left the bedroom together with the pnone, or my kid wake up or it is late enough. And these all make sense when I'm at home.

But this is too complicated, therefore I configured simpler, but still good enough rules: 

rule 1: if time is in between 19:00 and 5:00 and smartphone is connected to a charger (what more or less means "I'm at home and going to bed") -> switch profile to silent and run application "clock"
rule 2: if time is between 5:00 and 8:00 and smartphone is disconnected from a charger - switch to normal profile back

This works. But still, even in this trivial example I manually has to:
  • unlock the phone
  • switch clock app in "night mode"

Anyway, I finally found a second task I can automate with my smartphone!

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