Android Device Manager and Forgotten Phone

Today when I came to the office I realized that I forgot my phone. At my home. Or in a car.
If it is at home - it's ok. But if it is in a car it's better go back and pick it up.
I remember that read something about android device manager - a tool one can use to find or wipe lost/stolen device.
I logged in and discovered that I did not allow google to track my location (to respect my privacy, a bit), therefore ADM was not able to find my device.

The good thing is even in this case one still can do ring, lock or wipe a device.
I ringed remotely, what helped my wife to find the phone (definitely it was "hidden" in an unusual place, and this is why I forgot it).

So, I find ADM is useful service. Especially if you allow it to detect phone location. Anyway I'm sure google knows where you are, especially if you use it's other apps.

I'm going to  turn location detection back. Probably.

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