Copy data from Android to PC

In the post about factory reset I mentioned that I met a problem copying files from smartphone to a PC.
I backed up configuration and data in all apps that support this and then wanted to save all this info in my PC. Sounds very easy. I connected phone to PC with USB cable and did a copy.
Afterwards, I have discovered that some files were not copied. After a quick look I found that there are files and folders located on phone storage which are not visible from PC. Definitely, these files were not copied as well.
I believe, there is a reason which explains this, but I did not need an explanation, I did need a solution. Quick and simple solution.
Therefore I copied all my files to a PC via net (not cable) using android application ES File Explorer.  Worked great: selected all folders, cliecked "copy", navigate to network drive and clicked "paste". That's it for today.
Just to illustrate what I was talking about: left picture - phone connected via cable - BeyondPod folder is empty, right picture shows  that actually the folder is not that empty.

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