A Good NAS for Your Home (probably not the one with best specs)

Once upon a time... In July of 2009 I understood that I need a NAS
(network attached storage) for my home. That time I selected Synology
DS 209j. I never used other NAS and therefore thought  that every NAS
manufacturer provides functionality similar to Synology DSM.

I was dramatically wrong.

Recently my friend also got a NAS. He asked me to configure it and
copy data from his external hard drives.

With my synology it is a trivial task – connect external USB to a USB
port, open web interface, open web based file browser (module “file
station”) and copy files from external drive to the internal one.
That’s it. For old entry level Sinology NAS. But not for modern NAS of
my friend.

In web console one can only adjust configuration and nothing else. This NAS
has “USB copy” feature (or something like this) which (as I discovered
after some googling) copies files of some fixed formats only (mp3, some
video formats, jpg etc). I googled again and found that I was not the
only one looking a solution for this issue. The best way to copy all files from external HDD to this NAS was: create a backup scheduled task (with
schedule=never), where source is external drive, target – internal,
and start this “backup” manually.

NAS my friend has has much better hardware specifications than mine, but build-in functionality (and it's extensibility, btw) is much more important. Really.

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