Do you have backup for your hardware?

router backup
Everybody knows that back up is a must. Somebody just knows, somebody already knows.

But do you have a backup for your critical hardware at your home?
Last Sunday afternoon I just discovered that my smartphone is connected to mobile network, not to my wifi router.

I checked my laptop and it also did not see wifi. I rebooted router, but some time later all happened again. I rebooted it again and ... nothing happened, it did not wake up.

What meant that we neither can use internet from laptops nor our home NAS. I would not say that this was a catastrophe, but this was really, really painful (and this was Sunday afternoon - everything is closed). Moreover,  coming week was very very busy - no time to find and buy hardware.

But, I did have a back-up - an old d-link DIR-300 (G speed only). Several years ago I started with it, but very fast discovered that it did not cover my needs (already that time!) and purchased another router (the one which just died in the beginning of the story).
Afterwards, I tried to sell DIR-300 on ebay, but lucky me, nobody wanted it. And now I had a back-up.
So, half an hour later we got our NAS and internet back. Both were very slow, but both were back and more or less usabale.

New router is on the way. Happy end is close.

When new device comes I pack the dlink back and keep it. Just as a backup unit, hoping I never need it anymore and next upgrade date will be planned by me, not by my router.

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