NFC: 0 ways to use it with your smartphone

Recently I bought a set of NFC tags. Finally, I do have an NFC enabled smartphone (Nexus 4) for a long time and never tried NFC.

Now tags are here and I’m looking here and there to get something useful I can do with them.

In the Internet there are a lot of articles like 5/10/20/ ways to use NFC. Most all of them suggest things like disable wifi when you leave your home (or enter train station), switch silent mode when you enter your office and so on.

All these patterns are probably nice, but have one issue: it is much
more simple to do this without NFC, for example based on your home
wifi or location.

And this is why:
  1. NFC means Near Field Communication. Where near means up to 10 cm. Theoretically. In reality you have to touch an NFC tag by back side of your smartphone (actually, some special area of the back). If leaving a home you have to accurately touch an NFC tag to do some action – it is not an automation for me.
  2. As far as I understood only several smartphones allows NFC tags to unlock your phone, for others you have to unlock it manually first.
  3. You can configure an action when NFC tag is detected, but yo cannot do an action when NFC tag is lost. So, you can switch off all sounds when you put your phone in the charger near with your bed. But how to switch all back?

So far I found only one usage for NFC - in a car. One can put a tag on
the “handle” and configure it to switch car mode ON and start navigation app.
On the other hand one can add some widget button for this as well.

So far I found no real use case for NFC which makes any real sense.

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