Evernote or Google Keep?

There are 2 tools for notes taking: Evernote and Google Keep. There is
another great tool OneNote, but this is another story we'll discuss

People often compare Evernote and Keep, discuss which one is better etc.
I tried to use Keep as the only tool for rather long time. It is good,
it has offline android mobile client for free. But something was

And now I believe I know why it did not work for me that well. Google
Keep is direct analogue for colour stickers. This means it works grate
for small notes to need for a short time.

But these stickers is wrong solution when you need store and organize
something more complicated data and/or what to store something for
long time.
Once I understood it, I started using both of them: Keep for small "temporary" notes and Evernote for more complicated notes or notes I
want to keep for a long time.
And this works for me very well.

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