Email clients: I do the move

For a long time I used K9 Mail as my primary e-mail android app. During this time I several times tried gmail, but it does not work for me - it forces "threads", it force me "archive" mail instead of removing them and it has cache of mail, but not offline version of them. The huge difference between these 2 options I understood when wanted to re-read an important email being abroad (without data) and saw something like "syncing your mails... wait a minute" instead of my mails in gmail app.

K9 Mail is very powerful but a bit ... old-style and sometimes overcomplicated for me. Therefore I looked around for something better. Better for me. I found "blue mail". Nice client with modern user interface, rather configurable (so far I found all customization I need). And 3 more

1. You know I got mails from LinkedIn, Amazon, YouTube and other popular sites. Surprise, Surprise I do not have all them in my address book (who does?), nevertheless bluemail adds avatar (site logo) for such mails. Sounds like minor feature, nevertheless  it  significantly increases usability.

2. During recent Sunday I used "Blue Mail" only (K9 worked side by side, but I never opened it). And you know what? K9 used 2 times more battery than blue mail did. May be, I configured something wrong, but I have no ideas what could it be.

3. and finally it can reduce photo size before adding it to a mail - great feature when you have bad mobile internet

So, starting today Blue Mail is my email mobile app.
The only thing I worry a bit - the app is free, how they make money? Hopefully not sending my e-mails content.

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