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Few days ago Nokia published their map and navigation app called “Nere” (there is web version - I drove with it here and there, but not far away so far.
My decision is: here is very good, I will give it a try to be my primary navigation app.

As a map app Here is very similar to google maps, I would say. What means it is very good.

Unlike google maps, It supports offline. One can download maps for desirable countries or regions and use maps offline.
Theoretically you can share your location for limited time using Glymse. Sounds like a great feature if you want to meet with somebody and cannot. But I failed to use it (but did not tried a lot).
One also can organize “favorite” places better way than in google maps.
Actually, I do not have much more to say about map mode.

But I have something to say about navigation
Navigation works offline. And this means it works offline fully - all features (except, traffic info).

“Here” knows and shows speed limits (but seems that information they have is not that new, at least in area I tried it out).

“Here” can warn you about speeding (and this is configurable)

One can configure what information to show in driving mode - I prefer speed, time left to destination and traffic situation.

But still, there some features I miss in Here, and which I found in very free “Navigator” I usually use.
For instance:
- there is no information about speed-cameras
- there is no categorised POI-in driving mode I would prefere the map itself take a bit more space and show me more.
- “Here” shows only next action, even when immediately afterwards one more action is required.

I also have to say that I tried “here” in the area which I know. And I did not tested how accurate it predicts time one spends in the way. Going to test both soon.

Anyway, “Here” is currently in beta state, and I like the approach, therefore I hope it will be improved in a good direction.

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