Google Inbox: installed, tried, uninstalled

This weekend I have played with new app called "google inbox". Well, design is great! There are some nice ideas like “snooze” for a mail and make reminder directly in the e-mail app.

But, as a price for this minor sugar it dictates me too much. I do not like the bundles it suggests, I do not like that it groups mains into conversation mode and many other things.

I do not like that interface is done in assumption that deleting mails is very unusual action, what is not true for me.

Finally, for me  this is kind of  strange app which works on top of gmail - one extra entity, I personally do not.

What it does actually is shown in google inbox help:

Being honest,  I do not see a lot of  actions which are not the same. 

I have to admit that I can organize work with e-mail better myself and in that case all is absolutely predictable and clear for me.
To summ up: uninstalled.

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