Can mobile replace PC?

I often read people say that they fully switched from PC to a tablet or a smartphone. There was an article saying that Tim Cook does 80% of his work on ipad.

Well, may be, may be.

Recently I did a trip. In theory travelling is exactly the case when mobile device should beat laptops. I had my nexus 4 with me and it did a lot for me: navigated me, said me the weather, made video and sometimes photos, kept my reservation etc. Great job, really!

But, just 2 examples when I missed that I had no laptop with me

1. once I wanted to check what will be the driving time from A to B and then to C.
In usual google maps web site I need find A, B and C and add to a route, 6 mouse clicks I believe and I have time estimations and distance
In google maps I did not found the way to this at all.

2. I took a lot of photos and memory card in my DSLR camera became full. I had 2 smartphones and one USB flash - huge space to copy photos to and free space in DSLR. But, again, no way without laptop.

So, even, traveling there are cases when laptop works better than mobile devices!

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