Learning Languages with Duolingo

I do study German. Well, not really study, but doing some steps to improve my skills.
About a week ago I started with Duolingo. And I find it really cool. And what is more important - I find it useful.
It has different exercises - translate, select right variant, write what you heard and so on in different areas.
I do the trainings on the way to the work and back when I use public transport. And it work for me.
Moreover, it has features I would want it has.
  • I did an exercise in a train and when the task was to say something, there was an option like "I cannot talk now" to skip "saying" tasks.
  • It understood minor mistypes I did
  • It knows that some German sentence can be translated as both, "I do" and "I'm doing"
Some screenshots to complete the story:

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