Listening Audiobooks

I’m an active audio books “reader. I listen audiobooks and podcasts in auto (when I know the way), in public transport, during shopping and so on.

First I used usual music player, but this did not work good for me. For instance, good app  should remember where I stopped last time for every book and even repeat a bit of the book to remind me the content. It is useful to see how much from the book you already done and how much is still left and other nuances.

Cover artFor some time I was using “MortPlayer Audio Books”. It was fine, but I found UI was a bit overcomplicated. Nothing fatal, but several times I found myself lost when wanted to do rather simple action.
Cover artTherefore I switched to Smart AudioBook Player and still with it. It just works and does the job. I cannot remember that I missed a feature in it.

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