bt sync syncronize everithing, but not always

Theoretically BitTorrent sync is just exactly sync tool I need: synchronize my devices (ubuntu, windows, androids) directly, flexible (one way, both ways) and keeping my files mine.
So far works good for my laptops. But with android I already discovered 2 issues:

#1 Once btsync for android forgot the settings and I have to reconfigure sync again. Not a bit deal, but it was bad surprise to find out that files were not backed up as I expected.

#2 I discovered that file I changed on my ubuntu laptop is not updated on my smartphone during 2 days (the next folder is ok). Android btsync says it sees my second device, ubuntu does not. After I restarted my smartphone, data was synchronized. But wrong way: data on laptop was roll-backed to few days old status smartphone file has. Luckily, it saves "old" version in .SyncArchive folder, so I was able to restore my data.

So, I do not 100% rely btsync, but there is no other app that do the same.

You can install  btsync and check if it works for you
Get it on Google Play

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