I like TODO lists. I use TODO list on daily basis. After a while I realized that web version is not that important. Most tasks I create in the phone directly, anyway.

What is really important for me is a widget. First, there must be a widget. Second it should be "productive". You know, TODO list is a productivity app.

For some time I used Gtasks: simple tool with very good widget where I could see 4 tasks (for 4x2 widget size) meanwhile some other tools were able to show only 1 (but with big and very nice written label "Today" and "Tomorrow").

But now Gtasks is out. Sorry guys and DGT GTD is in.  Yes, this is GTD tool what means much more than just a TODO. But, I use mostly it as a simple TODO, more or less. Moreover this tool has a feature I need and which missed in other apps I tried:
I have some tasks which has to be done on some date (I guess everybody have them), these tasks are important but only when the date is coming. For instance, reissue some contract when old one expires. Or  I have a recurring task for monthly backup . I do not need this tasks in my widget permanently, instead I want to be notified when time comes (or a day before). And, surprise surprise, in DGT GTD I can mark a task to be hidden until due date (or some time before due date). That's exactly what I need and what I missed in another tools.

DGT GTD  is packed with tons of other options and features: tags, projects, checklist , context and even small notebook. Actually, I mostly ignore them all.

DGT GTD defines itself as an alfa, but for me it works as a charm.

You can find DGT GTD in google play.

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