Podasct Addict

Podcast Addict. Podcast addict  is a podcast client software.
It has a good set of features including update time and conditions (like wifi only podcast downloading), lock screen controls and so on. Free version, as usual, contains ads.

I imported my podcasts from Google reader OPML  and start using  Podcast Addict on the regular basis.
There are only 2 issues with this app:
  • The name (and the icon): I do not like this very special kind of humour.
  • Recently I discovered that Podcast Addict ate >100MB of my mobile traffic, meanwhile “wifi only” was configured for episodes downloading.

So, I do uninstall. Sorry, Podcast Addict.


  1. In Settings/Network you can select wich actions are allowed on the 3G/4G. You enabled episode download over WiFi only, but what about feed refres, streaming and artwork download ?
    If you don't want to use any data make sure to restrict those actions to WiFi only.
    Then you will not use any more data

    1. Thank you for feed backXavier, Checkbox "episodes download (wifi only)" and "update (wifi only)" were set, "thumbnails download" - not. I had not that much subscriptions and I do not believe that they had 100MB thumbnails. Actually, I expect that thumbnails are downloaded during refresh.