The 1 Reason You Should Install Allo

Today is the first day I was able to download new google messaging app called Allo. After installing and confirming my phone number I was surprised.


List of people who already has allo installed was not empty. There were people from different countries there, but what much more interesting - in the list I found people I would never call geeks. But, nevertheless, they already have all installed. This dramatically differs from Duo. In Duo contact list I found only one name for days (then I unistalled Duo myself).
So, people, real people have it installed on the very first day - interesting!

The reason

But this is not the reason to install All. The real reason is - google assistant - it is so funny!

Google assistant is a chat boot which somehow like google now. What I like - you can chat with it, you do not have to loudly talk with it. This is right move.
But this is still not the thing. The thing is - its is funny. I guess I said already.
Anyway, following chat did my day today. Hope you like it too!

Google Assistant/Allo is funny

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The Best Place To Store Your Favourite Places

 The Best Place To Store Your Favourite PlacesThere are places which I want to store somehow. Like great playground where I can go with my children. Or interesting viewpoint I would like to come again. Or, even, places to visit during big vacation travel.

Some of them I found myself (minority, to be honest), some of them are found by my wife (majority). She send me them per e-mail.

Recently I discovered that it becomes hard to find these “favourites”. They all are ... somewhere.  In e-mails, in google maps history,  in Here Map favourites. So I need better way to store all these places.

My requirements are:
  •     One must be able to give a name to a place
  •     Places must be available offline
  •     Places must not be locked inside given navigation application
  •     Places must be searchable
Obviously, neither here maps favourites nor google maps “saved places”, nor  waze places match all requirements.

The best way to solve my issue I found - save these places as contacts, in a special group.

Simple like that. But! Works offline, I can name them I can choose which app to use for navigation. And, definitely, I can search for a contact. All 4 criteria passed. And I do not need an extra app for this.

Moreover, google maps shows contacts with filled address on the map. At least on Android. This is a nice bonus.

So, I select usual “contacts” to store places.

If you have found better way to store and manage places - leave a comment.
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I Did More Steps Than... Who?

If you one of regular TestedOnMyself readers you know that I'm a mi band user. You probably even know that I use first generation mi band more than a year already.

During this year I occasionally checked my "daily score" screen in mi fit (mi band companion app). The screen told me that I "overstepped" 75% of mi band users, or even 98%.

This is nice to see, but:
  • To check this info for a complete day you need to open the screen at... let say at 23:55.
  • I do not understand how score is calculated, for instance how people in other time zones are considered
  • Global statistic is... Too global. And too abstract. Make more steps than 83% of mi band users world wide, what does this really mean?

Google Fit now also provides similar statistic (at least, I did not see it before recent redesign updates). But, it uses another approach.

First of all, it is weekly based. What is more honest, I would say.
Moreover, card with your scores is here until you swipe it out, so you do not need to catch a right moment near sunday midnight - card will be there on Monday as well. Meanwhile, I have no idea how to get historical data or to return the card after you close it.

The most interesting thing is - your scorecard is restricted to your home city. When I see that I overstepped 95% of people in my city, this result has much more sense. I still do not know how many google fit users are located in my city, but, this compare my results results of others nearby is not too abstract and really can motivate people to do more.

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